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March 4, 2009
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Bill sat silently in the small confines of his hotel room’s closet. The events of  last night were running like a nickelodeon through his brain. The memories sped past his eyes under his closed lids so fast that they only served to created a blurry mess. A film projector within his mind that refused to focus. Darkness incased him within the closet and it was strangely comforting, as if he were tucked into a warm bed on a frosty night. No matter how comforting his hiding place seemed, it did nothing to slow the rampage of imagery within his mind.

    The only clear memory his was able to pluck from the fuzzy sea was one of a necklace. Bill found it odd that an insignificant piece of jewelry was the only thing his brain was able to fish out. He could remember a long silver chain that played host to a very hefty charm. The charm was made up of intricate silver stands that wove together to form a type of webbing. In the center of the silver webbing was a large blood red ruby. Though he could clearly remember the necklace, he could remember nothing about the neck on which it had hung.

     Bright rays of morning sunlight were beginning to seep under the closet doors. For some reason Bill feared them. He feared what would happen if that sunlight managed to reach his skin.  It was a ridicules fear to have, seeing as he had lived his entire life up until this point in the sun. Managing to wedge himself farther into the empty closet, Bill fruitlessly tried to avoid the intruding light.

           “Bill?” Tom’s voice called from eh other side of the door that adjoined their rooms, followed by a stern knocking. “Bill, are you awake yet? The bus leaves in an hour.”

    Bill dared not answer his twin for it meant leaving the relative safety of the closet. “Please Tom, go away.” He pleaded silently.

    “Bill?” Tom called again, before rattling the door knob.

    “Please be locked,” Bill whispered burying his head in his hands.”Please let it be locked.” Much top Bill’s dismay it was not.

     “Wake-up sleepy it’s time to get packing.” Tom called barging into the room. “Bill?”

     Bill tried his best to stay still as he listened to Tom move about the empty hotel room. Even as he tried to silence his panicked breathing he knew it was no use. Tom would find him. Part of being identical twins was their ability to track one another down. There was just some kind of built in sense that worked as a personal GPS device. It made childhood games of hide n’ seek very short to say the least.

     “Bill?” Tom Whispered stopping directly in front of the closet doors. “Are you in there?”

    “No,” Bill answered. “Go away.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Closet fairy. I was looking for Bill.” Tom laughed yanking open the closet’s sliding glass door.

      Bill immediately threw his arms up in front of his face, shielding it from the bright sunlight. The light was blinding to his eyes, but other than that it did no real damage. Blinking franticly, Bill focused his gaze on his bare feet.

     “Find your shoes it’s time to go.” Tom ordered kneeling down next to him. “Weren’t you wearing that outfit yesterday?”

     Bill’s gaze lifted momentarily from his back toenail polish to his clothing. Indeed he was wearing the same outfit he had worn at last night’s concert. He distinctly remembered stepping out on the stage of the Tavastia club wearing his black pants with all the zippers, red leather jacket, studded dog collar and silver snake skin boots. It was what happened after the concert that he was fuzzy on.

     “Yeah,” Bill sighed, his eyes darting around for his missing shoes.

    “Are you ok?” Tom questioned, worry hanging in his voice. “You do some strange things sometimes, but last time I checked hanging out in hotel closets wasn’t one of them.”

    “I’m fine,” Bill answered trying to sound as normal as possible. He didn’t want to worry Tom too much until he himself knew what was going on. Tom would worry anyway. It was just the nature of being twins.
This is my version of how vampire Bill came to be. It is the tale of how he struggled with the transformation and trying to figure out what happend that night he blacked out.

Visit vampire bill at: [link]

Also, if you have your own vampire bill fanfic you can submit it to be posted on the vampire bill webpage by sending me the link.

Chapter 2: [link]
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aspannas Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
LOVE IT!!! :D ♥ I love TH sooo much and vampires sooo much so it's a good mixture! :D
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Love love love :D :heart:
what kind of vampire page is musime13th talking about?:D i wanna check it out so send to me please;)
VilleVamp Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009
it's a vampire bill webpage i created. Located here: [link]
xLolloBoll Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009
Oh god i love your page!:D
lynxkitty777 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2009
wow this is such a good fanfic
musime13th Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
omg i love it, btw are you ladyvamp from the bill vampire website, cause if you are i TOTALLY LOVE YOU for creating VAMP BILL ;D
VilleVamp Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Why yes I am LadyVamp! :w00t!:Hello! and Thank-You!
musime13th Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009
OMG nice to meet you i totally love the vamp bil site its awesome, hope you like my vamp bill pics
VilleVamp Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2009
I do Like you Vampire Bill pic. Can I use it on the site?
musime13th Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
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